Studio, Week 6

Photography Workshop

Important settings: focus, white balance, exposure, shutter speed & appature.

ISO (average 400)

set at 50mil to avoid warped edges.

measure from floor to top of painting & then floor to middle of painting to find the height to set the lighting and camera at.

To focus camera you can use paper with writing on to adjust the focus. To set white balance you can take pic of white piece of paper and tell the camera under the white balance setting (use this photo as my white balance.)

Taking photographs of sculptures:

One side bright light in contrast to opposing side filtered light. This reveals definition on one side while avoiding the creation of dark shadows on other side of sculpture forming. Play with the lighting in order to make both sides shadowing similar – intensity, (use finger to create shadow at centre of image focus.)


Studio, Week 6


The PGCE talk informed me on how the qualification works and how rewarding it can be. I was inspired by the speakers and their passion for teaching. It soon became clear that each speaker found the older year groups (Secondary) more enjoyable to teach. They explained how they are able to create and understand more controversial art and build a more like-minded relationship with them.

Week 6


In the Art-lab workshop we learned how to use the 3-D printer by scanning each other from the shoulders up.  The subject sat on an office chair as still as possible while one person help the scanner in an up and down motion, and the other person gently span the subjects chair in an 180 degree circle- this ensured every angle of the subject had been scanned. The printing took about an hour to finish making it very time consuming and costly but the outcome was exiting and interesting.

The second part of the day we learned how to use the laser cutter. We made key rings with our names and images on by connecting the laser cutter to the computer software which translated the exact details and measurements of the images we created.

Lastly we got the chance to play around with the electronic ‘little-bits.’ With these we made cup monsters by attaching the elements together in a sequence which created some sort of movement. These can also be used to create motion sensors or light sensors within a piece of art.

Artist Influences, Studio, Week 6

Careers Artist Talk- John Lockhart

Johns art looks at redundancy assemblage and found objects. He explained how he managed to continue creating art shows and exhibitions after graduation on minimal money and how and where to apply for loans and sponsors. He supplemented the art work with a small but of British council money while he had a working/travel visa and part-time jobs. John has experience in teaching workshops to young children and older children- the flow charts and hierarchy interest him more than the art itself.

Artist Influences, Studio, Week 6

Careers artist talk- Ajay Pabial

  1. Ajay explained that he had committed to several years of volunteer work while still at University, and continued volunteering after his graduation. He made this decision in order to enhance his chances of getting a job with the company. His continuous commitment finally paid off when he was offered his current ‘project assistant’ position. Ajay has shown me that making sacrifices is crucial to helping you get where you want to be.
Artist Influences, Studio, Week 6

Careers Artist Talk- Naomi Davies

.Naomi Davie’s job role as content and social manager at Manolo Blahnik, appealed to me the most out of all the presenters. The job consists of taking photographs of Manolo’s shoes and bags which are then presented to their followers on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.                                                                                                   Here are some factors that made the job so appealing to me:

  • freedom of creativity
  • self-led
  • photography based
  • luxury fashion brand
  • active job


Studio, Week 6

Museum visit

Njideka Akunyili Crosby, at Victoria Miro was the most inspiring work for me. She incorporates Nigerian culture into her paintings by using patterned fabrics and transferred photographs as the backgrounds. Portraits of intimate censes are painting ontop of the backgrounds, creating a collage effect. I am interested in the emotion Akunyili is able to portray through her art.


Studio, Week 6

Week 6 Talk

Talk from previous student who i interested in fashion and advertising.

  • Final project work called ‘pinkification’
  • Designed a few pages in Vogue magazine
  • Internships: Vogue, Golin Harris PR
  • Internships lead to more internships
  • Advised to learn to use photoshop while the opportunity is here
  • Advised to learn digital and cameras skill while they are free
  • Do as much work experience as you can find- be flexible
  • Try different style CV’s to get noticed (printed mailer)