Artist Influences, screenings

Daria Martin, A Hunger Artist, Screening

Public performance of self conflicted starvation could be reference to the bleak reality of an artist trying to create art that entertains society. Is the film raising questions about what distinguishes humans from circus animals in cages.

Artist Influences, screenings

Hannah Black, Screening

The Neck- Reference is made to the representation of man as the head and woman as the neck. I am drawn to the gender, home and domesticity themes involved in Black’s film piece based around art writing and found imagery. In both her films she uses sounds from pop culture music to speak over referencing female celebrities.

Artist Influences, screenings

Paul Mc Carthy, Screening

The Painter, 1995, 50 min.

McCarthys film is very humorous as he plays the character of an artist who’s characteristics resemble an infant. Using over-sized paints and paint brushes he performs the struggle of painting with these tools, while yelling for money. In my opinion his film is an entertaining watch and is successful in portraying the male artist in a completely different light. He is revealed as no longer heroic or great in any kind of way. I also enjoyed this film due to being a student artist who can relate to the scenes behing the canvas revealing the creation as quite chaotic and a struggle. paul

Artist Influences, screenings

Martha Rosler, Screening

  • Vital Statistics of a Citizen, Simply Obtained (1977), 39:20 min, color, soundMartha
  • Rosler Reads Vogue (1986), 26 min
  • Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975, 6 min

Semiotics of the Kitchen was my preferred watch of the 3 films due to the parody involved. While commenting on the domesticity involved with each piece of kitchen equipment, Rosler makes her way through the alphabet from A-Z. She has managed to portray her frustration with the system of oppressive woman roles while creating a humorous film for us to enjoy.


Artist Influences, screenings

Karpo Godina, Screening


The Gratinated Brains of Pupilia Ferkeverk (1970), 10 min

I found this film hard to understand due to the Slovene captions that were not translated into English. From what I did manage to comprehend I did not appreciated, due to the fact that the film seems to promote the use of drugs. However after doing some research on the film, It became clear that the film intends to portray elements of life and politics, revealing how advertisements and politicians have brainwashed society into following their useless commands.

Artist Influences, screenings, Studio

Andy Warhol, Chelsea Girls Screening


Chelsea girls is an 8 hour long abstract film in which Warhol explores the balance between abstract and nonsense. The split screen film captures non-scripted raw emotions of actors who were conscious of being watched and played up to this. The screens projected separately as Warhol found it difficult to sync them. His method is unconventional in comparison to narrative cinema. The film is based on identity of a minimalist manner.

Artist Influences, screenings, Studio

Hito Steyerl screening- Lovely Andrea

Documentary film with questions of what is real and not real. Her work in comparison to main stream documentaries is less edited and raw showing retakes and behind scenes conversations. -This makes me question other documentaries and how real they actually are. Using the mission of ‘searching for her bondage pictures to create the documentary.’

bold statements about sex work/ bondage work:

‘shame,’ ‘bondage is work,’ ‘independence/dependance,’

Film ends with the main character switching to self suspension – controlling her own body.

Film cuts to scenes of relating pop culture such as spider man and images of people caught in webs as a reference to normalising bondage.