Artist Influences, Studio

Sam Keogh

Keoghs work interests me in terms of the use of colour and texture. His contrast of 2D and 3D is something I think works well. I am intrigued to try incorporating dimensions with my abstract paint pours.

Artist Influences, Studio

Andy Warhol, Chelsea Girls Screening

Chelsea girls is an 8 hour long abstract film in which Warhol explores the balance between abstract and nonsense. The split screen film captures non-scripted raw emotions of actors who were conscious of being watched and played up to this. The screens projected separately as Warhol found it difficult to sync them. His method is unconventional in comparison to narrative cinema. The film is based on identity of a minimalist manner.

Artist Influences, Studio

Hito Steyerl screening- Lovely Andrea

Documentary film with questions of what is real and not real. Her work in comparison to main stream documentaries is less edited and raw showing retakes and behind scenes conversations. -This makes me question other documentaries and how real they actually are. Using the mission of ‘searching for her bondage pictures to create the documentary.’

bold statements about sex work/ bondage work:

‘shame,’ ‘bondage is work,’ ‘independence/dependance,’

Film ends with the main character switching to self suspension – controlling her own body.

Film cuts to scenes of relating pop culture such as spider man and images of people caught in webs as a reference to normalising bondage.

Artist Influences, Studio

Artist talk- Caroline Achaintre

distortion, playing with recognition, playing with the psychological field, domestic material (Carpet) to transfer drawing into a rug.- the image consisting of individual fibres and lots of information. Lino cut piece- her work became more expressive.

Interest in German expressionism- masks.

Ceramic piece- grew out of masks.

Juxtaposing the ceramic pieces with leather. The work becomes a character.

Suspended piece called birds in University- is the character rising or landing?

Artist Influences, Studio

Laura Mulvey

Mulvey founded the term and theory of the ‘male-gaze’ which is the way in which woman are depicted as objects of male pleasure in the visual arts and literature. In my work I want to explore the development and changes the male gaze has taken in art and photography since the renaissance; questioning whether our society has managed to overcome such male domination and sexism. Technology and social media will be a focal point for this investigation, in how it is being using in female favour.