Spring Assessment 2017, Studio

installation lighting experiment

the most difficult part of my project was getting the lighting correct for the 2-way mirror to work. I experimented a lot with different rooms, backdrops, distances and strength of lighting. For the two-way mirror to work correctly it needs to be almost pitch black on one side and light on the other side. The lit side will be visible from the dark side allowing the person to see straight though the glass; but the viewing the glass from the lit side will only show the viewers reflection.

The first two images show that the light used is too powerful because my reflection can still be seen from the dark side.

The third image using a dimmer light with blinkers to control where the light projects with no spill works well, allowing no reflection to be seen from the dark side. However, the light side isn’t bright enough to show a reflection in the mirror.

The final images show the same dim blinker light but with the blinkers splayed out to allow the light to spill out slightly more. This effect allows almost no reflection to be seen from the dark side. The mirror side is also now bright enough to see your own reflection.


In order to get the viewer to walk around the piece to view themselves in the other side of the mirror I made sure there was a big enough gap between each frame to make the space easily accessible. In order to intrigue and invite the viewer into this space I have installed a tripod with an iPhone attached (similar to the one pictured in the photograph.) This is an attempt to make my intention of making the viewer feel more like voyeur more obvious. Having an iPhone on a tripod awaiting a response with the viewer seeing themselves in the mirror, recreates the scene behind of the girl taking the selfie- placing the viewer as the subject.


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