Week 6


In the Art-lab workshop we learned how to use the 3-D printer by scanning each other from the shoulders up.  The subject sat on an office chair as still as possible while one person help the scanner in an up and down motion, and the other person gently span the subjects chair in an 180 degree circle- this ensured every angle of the subject had been scanned. The printing took about an hour to finish making it very time consuming and costly but the outcome was exiting and interesting.

The second part of the day we learned how to use the laser cutter. We made key rings with our names and images on by connecting the laser cutter to the computer software which translated the exact details and measurements of the images we created.

Lastly we got the chance to play around with the electronic ‘little-bits.’ With these we made cup monsters by attaching the elements together in a sequence which created some sort of movement. These can also be used to create motion sensors or light sensors within a piece of art.


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