Artist Influences, Studio

Molly Soda

Molly Soda is an internet celebrity, from Twitter, Instagram and YouTube with thousands of followers. She posts selfies and videos of make-up tutorials like many other internet personality influencers, however she is not doing it for the normal celebrity reasons or to try to get brand endorsements – she’s living her life online as a work of art. She alters the norm of digital life. She

posts nudes exposing her hairy armpits, and her make-up tutorials end up making her look like a clown. She is pushing the stereotypes of social media until they become a kind of lived-in performance.


Spring Assessment 2017, Studio

Charcoal drawings

Sketches from photographs taken using charcoal. Once I had finished each drawing I wanted to manipulate the image in order to alter its appearance similarly to a blurred reflection. I created this effect by smudging the charcoal in opposite directions using my hand or a cloth. The cloth took more of the charcoal off the page leaving a more faint image in comparison to the one smudged with just my hand. This effect helps to enhance the notion of the gaze being unclear and not totally visible.


Artist Influences, Studio

John Berger: Ways of Seeing

Parts of Ways of Seeing that I have taken interest in is the historical objectification of women by men and the way the portrayal of a women’s body in art (painting and photographs) has changed over time from the Renaissance onwards.

In my work I have attempted to created a physical metaphor of Berger’s thoughts that Men look at women, while women watch themselves being looked at. I have done this by placing the mirror in front of the image of the nude-selfie.

Artist Influences, Studio

Carrie Mae Weems

Weems began photographing herself at her kitchen table every day in order to tell the story of the woman she was playing—whom we follow through her relationships with her lover, her friends, and her daughter. Her work took on historical significance, for a generation of women artists concerned with their own representation, as well considering  race and relationships.

Artist Influences, Studio

Jemima Stehli


Stehli’s work consists of series of performances in which she uses her naked body to challenge notions of desire, narcissism, and sexuality. In ‘Standing Nude’ Stehli stages a full-length nude photograph of herself in the setting of her studio. Holding the remote shutter release in her left hand, she gazes directly into the camera yet employing a pose more reminiscent of the classicism of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus.

Artist Talks, Studio

Artist Talk- Wendy McLean

Wendy creates abstract Art which explores architerctural form while she is also interested in representing a memory/sensation on the canvas. She creates many pieces of art and may only be happy with a few- but this is ok because her practice is all about the slowing down of the process, in order to exhaust each motif. She attempts to expect nothing from her initial paintings and to release all ties with attention. Scale is an important aspect to her work, as if affects the way she approaches it.

Week 6


In the Art-lab workshop we learned how to use the 3-D printer by scanning each other from the shoulders up.  The subject sat on an office chair as still as possible while one person help the scanner in an up and down motion, and the other person gently span the subjects chair in an 180 degree circle- this ensured every angle of the subject had been scanned. The printing took about an hour to finish making it very time consuming and costly but the outcome was exiting and interesting.

The second part of the day we learned how to use the laser cutter. We made key rings with our names and images on by connecting the laser cutter to the computer software which translated the exact details and measurements of the images we created.

Lastly we got the chance to play around with the electronic ‘little-bits.’ With these we made cup monsters by attaching the elements together in a sequence which created some sort of movement. These can also be used to create motion sensors or light sensors within a piece of art.

Artist Influences, Studio, Week 6

Careers Artist Talk- John Lockhart

Johns art looks at redundancy assemblage and found objects. He explained how he managed to continue creating art shows and exhibitions after graduation on minimal money and how and where to apply for loans and sponsors. He supplemented the art work with a small but of British council money while he had a working/travel visa and part-time jobs. John has experience in teaching workshops to young children and older children- the flow charts and hierarchy interest him more than the art itself.