Artist Influences, Spring Assessment 2017, Studio

Marylin Monroe


Maralin Monroe was an American actress and model. Famous for playing comic “dumb blonde” characters, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s, emblematic of the era’s attitudes towards sexuality. Kim Kardashian takes the same sort of stance as this in a modern day era.

Drawing using coloured chalks on black paper.

Studio, Week 6

Manolo Blahnik Workshop


Naomi allowed us to go off in groups to perform a photoshoot with one pair of Manolo shoes. My group chose a green delicate floral pair of heels which we pictures alongside nature. We tried to display the shoes against a background imitating its look and style.


Spring Assessment 2017, Studio

Experiments and Ideas

Painting over Botocelli, Birth of Venus in bright vibrant colours. bot

Kim Kardashian inspired nude selfie- with collage Botocelli over cencorship. bot2

Looking at Kim Kardashian as the ‘nude selfie’ in comparison to traditional nude paintings, raises questions of ‘the gaze’ and where it is being focused.

In Kim’s selfie her gaze is held into the iPhone rather than to the audience, similarly to the traditional nudes where the gaze is never looking out towards us but instead looks down presenting themselves as a subject to gaze at.

Is the gaze of Kim’s in the phone or just the reflection of herself?

Artist Influences, Studio, Week 6

Careers artist talk- Ajay Pabial

  1. Ajay explained that he had committed to several years of volunteer work while still at University, and continued volunteering after his graduation. He made this decision in order to enhance his chances of getting a job with the company. His continuous commitment finally paid off when he was offered his current ‘project assistant’ position. Ajay has shown me that making sacrifices is crucial to helping you get where you want to be.
Artist Influences, Studio, Week 6

Careers Artist Talk- Naomi Davies

.Naomi Davie’s job role as content and social manager at Manolo Blahnik, appealed to me the most out of all the presenters. The job consists of taking photographs of Manolo’s shoes and bags which are then presented to their followers on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.                                                                                                   Here are some factors that made the job so appealing to me:

  • freedom of creativity
  • self-led
  • photography based
  • luxury fashion brand
  • active job


Artist Influences, Studio

Joey Holder

Joey holder tries to imitate a mutating reality. As humans we contruct symbols, diagrams and language to help us understand the world.

Holder investigates that there is no separation between what we produce as humans and nature. Her fascination with these things and attempts to make people aware of the things that exists on this earth that are right in front of us, rather than focusing on aliens and the stranger things which are more out of our reach.

She is specifically obsessed with deep sea creatures and coral and so spend lots of time underwater in an alien-like environment.