Autumn Assessment 2016, Studio

Artist Statement

Artist Statement: “Children Love Me”

My final piece is a negative representation of Donald Trump. The message is conveyed to the audience through expression and emotion. Trumps smug expression surrounded by a crowd of young children looking quite terrified, promotes uneasy feelings of Trump being a man of power and influence.  I have created this idea through presenting his relationship with children.

The imagery is drawn straight on to paper and collaged on to a piece of board. Trump is drawn in bold felt colours, to contrast with the black and white fine-liner drawings of the children. I used a drawing technique of repeated sketchy lines, to build the shadow and tone of the children’s faces. The difference between the medias helps to portray the idea of power through the bold colours that create Trump. The collage technique helps form a sense of depth, making the crowd of children seem never-ending. By adding a real American flag into the collage a sense of realness is provided. It is also another way to present Trump as powerful; he is positioned at the front of the crowd as leader. I used a coping saw to get rid of the negative space between imagery on the board, revealing the flag behind. Some of the spaces were too small to saw, so I used a drill to make the hole followed by filing and sanding the edges to shape.

Current affairs in media has had the most influence on my work- Trump becoming the new President of America, and the way the media has presented him. I came across lots of footage showing Trump bringing children on stage, as a way to win the public over. The videos seemed very fake and insincere. This edged me to use children and their expressions in my work as a way to reveal the truth. People say you can tell a lot about a person from the way the children judge them. In my work, the children are judging him negatively. Not only do I want to reveal unfavourable feelings towards Trump but I also want to present him worryingly, as a man of great influence towards America’s children.

Artist’s Roy Lichenstein and Martha Rosler also had an impact on my work. I found it interesting how Lichtenstein portrays emotion through comic strip style imagery. Sad emotions can still be read, despite his comical style and technique. I used a similar style to create the drawing of Trump whilst keeping the other drawings in black and white to show the contrast. Martha Rosler presents world affairs in a very surreal way. Rosler’s influence initially led me to base my work on current affairs; so that, my work is also relatable and the viewer cannot help but have thoughts and opinions on the subject.

The presentation/exhibition of my piece is very simple. To avoid taking away any attention I have attached it to the wall infant of the American flag. I am happy with the overall effect of my work but to further develop it I would increase the scale, adding to the crowd of children for a more overwhelming impression.



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