Autumn Assessment 2016, Studio

final sculpture

final sculpture exhibited

Final group culture based on Reading Prison and quote ‘The world is a stage but the play is badly cast.’ Our sculpture which represents the idea of being trapped and controlled similarly to the lives of the prisoners. This can be related to every day life also; an idea that although we have free-will we are not completely free because of exterior matters which control our lives in some sort of way. The hessian hat on top of the ‘prisoner’ imitates the hats they were forced to wear in the prison to support the ‘separate system.’ The sculpture was exhibited with 2 spotlights either side- this was to make viewing the sculpture slightly uncomfortable with the audience feeling as if they were also on stage and being controlled.

From these ideas I want to carry on looking at aspects of society being controlled. I think children will be a good way to present this idea because they are most easily influenced.


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