Studio, Summer Assessment 2016

Development and Experimenting

From the result of unsuccessful  material tests we decided to use pre-made objects, noticing that trying to re-make tea cups was unnecessary. Set of 3 English style tea cups purchased from amazon. (Relating to a celebratory event of the Queen of England’s Birthday, english tea cups seemed appropriate to act as a monument honouring the Queen’s birthday.)


Experimenting with different materials to create realistic looking playground equipment proved difficult to create a believable scene on such a small scale. While exploring the idea of a sand-pit tea cup, we decided to simplify our ideas back to a more basic and considered approach. Noticing how the sand acted with the tea cup we wanted to see how soil would do the same- enabling us to plant flowers in the tea cups as a way to display our sculpture in the exhibition; along side images which display the tea cup sculptures in its proposed public environment.




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