Autumn Assessment 2015, Studio

Fantasy artwork descriptive writing

After swapping texts with another peer, our task was to create a painting from the information described in the text. I was given a piece called ‘Copper.’FullSizeRenderTo begin the process of turning this text into a painting, I have focused on the most prominent parts of the information and found 3 artists who have created work that I consider relates to how I will interpret the text.

  • Giacambo Balla- Street light 1909- the relation of painting technique used to create the manmade object as powerful and amazing.
  • Ella and Pitr- French artist murals of large scale body’s on roofs of buildings and walls. Relates to the main topic, a ‘copper giant.’
  • Hannah Hock- Collages of bodies using rearranged images- a technique I could use as inspiration for painting on an average size canvas while keeping the illusion of a large body present.

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