Autumn Assessment 2015, Studio

Propaganda Poster

IMG_3584 copyIMG_3591 copyIMG_3590 copyIMG_3611IMG_3613

Creating propaganda poster using screen printing technique along side some sponging. First step was drawing out the design, then using a scalpol and cutting mat to remove sections intended to pick up the ink. Important thing to note- some letters need editing to make sure they are still legible and do not become detached as a whole from the rest of the poster; for example, letters ‘O’ and ‘D.’

I chose to focus my subject of propaganda on a issue myself and the exhibition viewers couldĀ relate to- University fees.

Installing the posters into the exhibition space consisted of simply nailing the corners into the studio wall alongside an array of peers posters. Both walls were full and the room was dimly lit with bright light shining onto the work. The exhibition was very successful.